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Are you stuck with an old DCIM tool?

Complexity in data centers has shown an immense increase in the last years. It’s not only about optimizing space, power, and cooling anymore, it is increasingly important to manage data centers from a service-oriented and business-oriented view through Data Center Services Optimization (DCSO) capabilities. The consequence for first-generation DCIM customers is the need to migrate to a future-proof solution that has these capabilities and will continue to innovate.

Waiting Is No Real Option

Time is running as some older DCIM tools run out of support and maintenance. To avoid exploding expenses an outdated application that doesn’t meet the needs of your evolving business you should upgrade soon to a cost-efficient and scalable next-generation DCIM/DCSO software.

Investment Easily Justified by ROI

Some data center managers may fear the initial investment and data migration effort that is associated with replacing a current tool. But most of them didn’t consider how faster processes and more efficiently used resources produce a return on invest in only 14 months.

Banish Increased Risk of Outages

On average, a data center outage costs $7,908 per minute. The only way to avoid costly breakdowns is to implement a comprehensive DCIM solution that offers faster fault identification. And let you focus on the real important tasks: managing your data center purposefully.


Competitive Advantages Through A Modern DCIM Tool

Is your DCIM application keeping pace with the growing demands of your data center operations? Are you able to proactively manage changes? Do you have visibility of all the components that comprise your data center?

If you answered no to any of these questions, download our FREE infographic to learn about the following:

  • The realistic improvements you can achieve with a modern DCIM tool
  • How DCIM can help deliver digital IT transformation.
  • The cost savings and ROI impact DCIM has on your data center operation.
  • And the best information to justify an investment in a new DCIM solution.
  • Highlights DCIM Solution


    FNT products are based on a multi-tenancy, user-friendly, web-based, and multilingual standardized software built on an integrated data model. So by choosing FNT’s DCIM solution as a central management and optimization software, these features will enhance the efficiency and reliability of your data center operations:

  • Detailed documentation and planning functions
  • Visualization of the data center in a 3D footprint
  • Dashboard-based analysis of important data center metrics
  • Real-time power, capacity, and temperature monitoring
  • Connectivity to third party systems via ETL technology, standard interfaces, and API
  • Workflow engine for automation and orchestration of IT processes
  • Highlights Migration Workshop


    The Data Migration Workshop has one overall goal: to meet your expectations. Therefore, we have already prepared an holistic migration concept covering all relevant aspects. Beginning with a data analysis and critical requirements to providing a complete migration roadmap – FNT’s consultants will provide the right approach that fits your business requirements.

  • Precise data analysis delivers a detailed migration roadmap
  • Performing a proof of concept ensures inclusion of all critical requirements
  • A holistic concept with defined milestones ensures forecast reliability and cost transparency
  • Experienced experts support your project through every stage
  • A standardized data migration approach reduces complexity and ensure high-quality results
  • White Paper: What’s the right Data Migration Approach for Your Business?

    As one of the first-generation DCIM customers, you know exactly how your Aperture software helped you to manage your equipment and keep track of power consumption. But now things have changed. You can spend weeks searching for the right DCIM tool that fits your needs and still would need to compile the right data migration approach.
    Too much work to do? Yes, you’re probably right. But leaving things where they are right now won’t lead you anywhere.
    Choosing the right data migration approach to ease the conversion to another DCIM tool can be tricky. The wrong way is either expensive or interferes with your daily business. The right way will save you lots of money and help you to establish a future-proof solution. This white paper will help you to identify your options and to choose wisely. You will learn about:

  • How to select the right tool that fits your needs and strategy from a variety of DCIM products.
  • How you can prepare yourself to significantly reduce data migration efforts.
  • How to be always one step ahead of managing your migration project successfully.
  • About FNT Software

    FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for managing data centers. Established in 1994, FNT‘s innovative standardized software is used worldwide by more than 25.000 users. Over 500 companies across well-known organizations have already chosen FNT software as their central platform to document and manage more than 220.000 racks worldwide.

    Leading analysts like Gartner, 451 Research, and IDC outline comprehensive functionalities of the standardized software as a professional DCIM suite.

    Highlights FNT Command 10

    This new search function offers powerful access to the entire repository and enables easy navigation in complex systems with its intuitive operation and direct links to applications.
    Find out more.
    The intelligent and graphic-based reporting system uses predefined dashboards to cover all key aspects of IT, telecommunications, and data center management.
    Find out more.
    Graphic Center
    Our new visualization options for infrastructures, networks, and logical dependencies offer a totally new insight into complex data.
    Find out more.
    Business Gateway
    The new standard interfaces enable optimum data exchange with third-party systems while providing quality control for all imported data.
    Find out more.

    Highlights FNT ServicePlanet 3

    Role-Based Interfaces
    The configurable functionality can be adapted to specific tasks, ensuring optimum support for daily user workflows.
    Find out more.
    Alternative Structure Views
    Product and service architectures can be viewed with varying granularity in different usage scenarios, enabling faster, easier, and more efficient analysis.
    Find out more.
    Service Level Reporting
    Detailed analysis of services and their respective status properties provides an effective basis for error prevention and the development of best-practice cases.
    Find out more.
    Standard Integration
    The standard interface to FNT Command ensures perfect interplay between service and facility management as well as seamless data exchange.
    Find out more.

    Companies can rest assured that with FNT software they have all the right tools for the job. The new FNT Command 10 and FNT ServicePlanet 3 include a range of innovations that will be extremely useful when dealing with the challenges of digital transformation.

    Nikolaus Albrecht

    Chief Executive Officer, FNT GmbH

    In order to manage your business services successfully, you need more than just a service catalog. With FNT ServicePlanet 3, you can take the all-important step from project-based to product-based setup and start operating today with greater efficiency as a smart IT factory.

    Patrick Büch

    Head of Business Line Service Management, FNT GmbH

    From the moment we began planning these latest innovations, we placed particular emphasis on usability and performance so that people would have a set of tools with a host of new features offering the best possible support as they face their daily challenges.

    Bernd Pratschke

    Chief Product Owner, FNT GmbH

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